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Getting Outdoors This Winter

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Getting outdoors has never been more important… especially in winter. We want to show you the importance of getting outdoors and highlight some of the BRILLIANT things to do this winter, right in the heart of Southampton at Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre.

We truly believe Southampton is one of the most underrated cities with some of the best kept secrets. Believe it or not, there is more to Southampton than Westquay. One of these secrets being Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre. The home of adventure, right in the heart of the city. With activities for all ages, school trips, stag & hen do’s and boat hire, Woodmill has it all.

With the ever-uncertain way of life now, outdoor activities have never been more important. Having a space, you can enjoy, relax & partake in essential exercise is… well, essential!

On The Water

Group of kayakers on the water at Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre

If you’re a real lover of the water, you won’t let the winter stop you. Come down to Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre and take to the water on one of many different paddle crafts. Whether that be a canoe, kayak or even Katakanu, you can enjoy one of four waterways, all year round. Paddle around on our private, secluded lake which is nestled within our Woodmill forest or if you’re a more seasoned paddler, head out on The River Itchen and down to The White Swan pub for a beer or two.

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In The Woods

Man standing up on kayak on the water raising paddle above head nearby group of young kayakers at Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre

Not feeling up to being on the water. That’s fair enough, why not head into the woods? Nestled in the Woodland, you will find a whole range of activities. This is where children can have their first taste of life off ground, with the Low Ropes course. Do you have a school trip planned? If so, students can practise their bushcraft skills or some outcome-focused Team Challenges. Feeling even more adventurous? Well take to the Archery tent to sharpen up on your target practice. Don’t worry if you get lost, the woodland is also where we teach orienteering. You’ll find your way out in no time.

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Fun for everyone

Come rain or shine, every activity at Woodmill can go ahead. That’s the beauty of them being an Outdoor Activities Centre. With easy access to all main routes, public transport and local hotspots, nestled in the heart of the city and affordably priced, there really isn’t a reason not to visit. So if you’re looking for something different to do this winter, look no further as Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre is here to help.

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