Five Great Reasons to Give Cycling a Go

Five Great Reasons to Give Cycling a Go

Would you like to travel more sustainably? Have you ever thought about replacing your car with a bike? Now’s the perfect time!

My Journey and Love to Ride are on a mission to get more people cycling in Southampton. They have teamed up to run Cycle September, a fun free challenge that invites individuals and workplaces to see who can earn the most points for riding and encouraging others throughout the month. There are some great prizes up for grabs including a holiday, bikes, vouchers, cycling gear and much more!

It’s the ideal opportunity to discover the joys of cycling and perhaps win some amazing prizes too. And with new, high quality cycle infrastructure being delivered across Southampton, there’s never been a more exciting time to take up cycling in the city. If you’re thinking of giving it a go, here’s a reminder of all the great benefits that cycling can add to your life.

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  • Feel good

Cycling for shorter, regular journeys - such as the commute to work or a trip to the shops – is an ideal way to build regular exercise into your everyday routine. It’s also great for your mental wellbeing, helping you to boost your mood and focus your mind. There are also no gym fees involved, so you can keep fit and watch your wallet at the same time!

  • Save money

Cycling is one of the most cost-effective ways to get around. With no parking or fuel costs, you might just be surprised at how much you can save by swapping four wheels for two.

  • Save time

We all know the frustrations of sitting in traffic during those dreaded rush hours. Cycling can often be faster than other means of traffic, helping you to get from A-B without the stresses of travelling by car.

  • Do your bit for the environment

Air pollution can have a significant effect on our health and the environment. As road transport is a major source of air pollution, we can all do our bit to improve air quality by choosing to travel more sustainably. Cycling is a simple but effective way to reduce local air pollution and will also expose you to lower levels of pollution than if you were to travel by car.

  • Meet new people

With lots of local cycling clubs to choose from, cycling can be a really fun, sociable activity and a great way to meet new people. Cycling UK has a helpful list of clubs on their website – click here to search for those in your area.

Want to get involved?

Cycle September - The Global Bike Challenge -

Taking part in Cycle September is easy – simply register at and start logging your rides to earn points. Anyone can take part at any time in September, whether you’re new to cycling or ride every day. In fact, you only need to cycle for a minimum of ten minutes to be entered into the prize draws.

If you want to get involved but you’d like to improve your cycling skills, My Journey now provides free Cycle Confidence sessions to help you develop your confidence. Find out more and sign up here. You can also visit their Get Cycle Savvy page for useful videos to help you brush up on your cycling knowledge.

Good luck and happy cycling!

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