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5 Unusual Specialist Shops in Southampton

When it comes to specialist interests, specific dietary requirements and niche hobbies, you’ll find that Southampton has it covered! Take a look below to discover five of the city's most unique specialist shops.

Two male shoe cobblers working on shoes in WJ French and Son workshop

1. W.J. French & Son, 40 Bedford Place, SO15 2DG

Do you struggle to find shoes that fit? Independent shoe shop, W.J. French & Son not only stocks men’s, women’s and children’s shoes in whole and half sizes and different widths but also employs experienced cobblers that can tackle even the trickiest requests.

Frontage of Cake Box shop on East Street

2. Eggfree Cake Box, 14 East Street, SO14 3HG

A must-visit in Southampton for anyone with a sweet tooth and an allergy to eggs! The EggFree Cake Box is a dedicated egg free cake shop producing mouth-watering cakes and pastries of all shapes, sizes and flavours. Perfect for celebrations or a mid-week treat.


3. Hobgoblin Music, 20 East Street, SO14 3HG

Hobgoblin Music stocks a wide range of unusual and exciting folk and acoustic musical instruments from all over world, promising to delight budding and veteran musicians alike.

Frontage of Forbidden Planet

4. Forbidden Planet, 24 Hanover Buildings, SO14 1JU

Whether you’re an avid comic book enthusiast or looking to dip your toe into a parallel universe for the very first time, Forbidden Planet has everything you need to embark on your next adventure - from bestsellers to lesser-known titles, first editions, signed copies and collectables.

Delikatesy frontage of shop on East Street

5. Delikatesy Smaczek, 26 Hanover Buildings, SO14 1JU

From pierogi to paczki, traditional Polish food has become a popular cuisine in countries all around the world. If it tickles your taste buds, the shelves in Delikatesy Smaczek are bursting with the freshest and most popular ingredients from Poland.

Updated January 2024.

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