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As Southampton’s broadband partner, toob is on a mission to transform the city’s internet experience and help us get on our way to becoming one of the best-connected cities in the UK. They have invested £50million in an all new hyperspeed full-fibre network to offer residential and business customers a 900 Mbps symmetrical speed broadband service in Southampton.

With hundreds of customers already connected in Ocean Village, Bevois, Newtown-Nicholstown and the Queen's Park area and thousands of homes now hyperspeed ready and thousands more becoming available every month, toob is aiming to have the entire city covered by the end of 2021.

Nick Parbutt,toob’s CEO, says:

“Without doubt, Southampton has an outstanding reputation for being at the forefront of digital developments, particularly fibre optics and artificial intelligence, on a national and international stage. It’s a large, commercial regional hub, with two vibrant universities, balanced with a focus on encouraging investment in digital businesses within the City. For this reason, we believe the rollout of our network will provide a digital foundation for the City for decades to come.”

toob’s first customers began enjoying the service late last year and now more than 8 months in, more and more residents of Southampton are benefiting from toob’s hyperspeed full-fibre connection. Ed, one of toob’s first customers, is an aspiring 3D graphic designer, explains how much of an impact toob has made in such a short time:

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“With toob being a new company, I expected there to be the odd issue or fault but there hasn’t been any. The one thing that I am most impressed with is the reliability you get from toob. My previous broadband provider was always cutting out at least once a month which was often very frustrating. Now I can simultaneously stream and stay connected with my friends and family, whilst downloading a game while my girlfriend is watching Netflix, and we have never experienced any slowdown.”

“My girlfriend and I both depend on a strong and fast internet connection and now more than ever we need broadband that you can rely on. Now we are with toob, it feels like we've always had it and that we're experiencing broadband the way we always should have, so there's no going back.”

“I would (and do) recommend toob to everyone. Who wouldn’t want the fastest internet you could ever have in Southampton for just £25 a month. I am honestly very, very pleased with toob broadband on every level and am so excited to be one of their first customers.”

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Also embracing the full-fibre revolution are Mr and Mrs Wood, here they explain how they are using toob’s hyperspeed connection to transform the way they are now using the internet.

“We were copper wired with our previous provider and the connection was horrendously slow, then to add to our frustrations we would receive the worst customer service! I would end up avoiding using the internet unless necessary, just because of how long it would take to load up any content making me feel unhappy and frustrated!”

“I would watch in despair my computer trying to connect for up to 15 minutes to just make a blip and then fail. But now with toob, checking my emails is a joy. I am now able to download documents in a matter of seconds. When you don’t have a good or reliable broadband service, you are unaware of what is available to you or know what amazing things you can see, do and experience online and toob allows us to do that.”

“The biggest change for us is also knowing our internet will always be connected, unlike before where our previous provider would continuously disconnect! Everyone from toob has been wonderful, they have gone above and beyond when offering to help us.”

Nick Parbutt said: “I am delighted to have launched our hyperspeed broadband in Southampton. There is nothing better than hearing the stories of how providing a fast and reliable broadband service is helping our customers stay connected and live more productive and rewarding lives. We look forward to continuing our roll-out and bringing the benefits of full-fibre broadband to the whole city.”

If you want to know more about toob, register your interest at to stay informed of progress on the network build and when you can order the fastest full-fibre broadband in Southampton.

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