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To help further support our local artists we are looking to collaborate on creating some fresh and vibrant artwork to be featured on the Southampton From Your SOfa webpages. Our panellists have shortlisted three artists to submit their creations that represent our city, our venues and our amazing spectrum of talent across Southampton. Find out more below about the artists...

Guy Stauber

Guy Strauber Artist

Guy set up Shogun Graphic Systems™ in 2001, providing a bespoke digital illustration and graphic design service to a wide range of international clients.

Working across editorial, apparel, movie licensing and beyond, Guy has extensive experience in delivering creative assets for an array of clients and agencies from start ups through to global blue chip companies.

He has exhibited work at Hero Complex Gallery in L.A & Comic Con in New York. Clients include Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal, DC, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Disney & Fox TV amongst others.

Guy currently lives & works in Southampton, UK. View his site here.


Svetlana Ochkovskaya

Svetlana Ochk artists

'Through the visual transformation of the human body and creating a disorientated environment in my work I am curious about things that are deemed weird or different. Explore the idea of fantastic, strange and 'other' I produce my own wondrous world of curiosities. Inhabited by a creature, neither human nor alien, real or imaginary, these constructed environments bend the fragile boundaries of our perceived reality. I would like to deconstruct the normative perception of the human body in familiar spaces.

By wearing the full bodysuit or cover myself with different materials, which functions as the illusion of the transformation, I am hiding the presence of my personality, I am masking the race, gender and class. Thus the transformation of my body affects my understanding of the world, my perception of myself and others. Masquerade helps to transform the visual appearance of the human body, acquiescing of the new identity and reveals the self unconstrained and fluid.

I also would like to explore the idea of defamiliarisation; to make familiar things unfamiliar, to be taken out from everyday life experience, from familiar associations, to turn it over and to displace it. To move away from the automatised perception of everyday life and to de-routinise everyday experience. The displacement of the things, make it look strange, gives it new meaning. Through the defamiliarisation, I would like to change the way we perceived the things around us.

In my work, I am interested to create an atmosphere with visuals that reveal the otherworldly environment. Through site-specific installations and performative art videos, I would like to break down the boundary between real and imaginary; human and nonhuman.'

View her website here.

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Alice & Oli Knowles

Alice Oli

Alice and Oli Knowles are both graphic designers and illustrators based in Southampton.

Alice creates intricate illustrations that have a high emphasis on repetition and pattern. She currently works for Colour Company, a local print shop, which means she uses her creative talents to design and produce printed material for a range of clients.

Oli's style of work is heavily inspired by 20th-century travel posters with a contemporary twist that evokes a bygone era. He aims for his illustrations to recapture this time. Oli's prints distil a location's essence and capture its true character. Oli runs Oli Knowles design, a Southampton based independent creative company that ranges from thoughtful brand identity to bespoke commissioned prints. You can view more of Oli's work on his website or Instagram.

Southampton from your S Ofa Alice Oli
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