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If you, like many local artists in Southampton, love to get creative then this is the page for you. Now is the perfect opportunity to grab those paints and brushes, relax and discover your artistic abilities! This page also has lots of activities, videos and resources suitable for children.

Make & Create with God's House Tower...

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Head to the Make & Create webpage explore weekly workshops from local artists inspired by GHT: Beside the Sea. You can also head to their YouTube channel to find other arts and crafty videos such as:

Water Drawing Workshop

Build your own tower with Ashleigh Turner

Natural Dyes with Alexandra Sutherland

Rock, Paper, Scissors with Annette Warner

Ali's Autumn Art Club

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Join Ali's Autumn Art Club and discover the world of art through fun games and drawing activities. The online course covers lots of topics and is suitable for 7-11 year olds running every Wednesday at 4.30pm. Click below to book.

7 October: Autumn Impressionism

14 October: Portraits - From Cave Paintings to Kings and Queens

21 October: Cartoons and Comic Books - From Lichtenstein to Marvel

How To Southampton Museums & Cultural Learning...

Head to the ‘Southampton Museums & Cultural Learning’ YouTube channel which has a selection of ‘how to make’ videos and craft ideas. Why not try:

Make a Yeti 

Make a foil sculpture 

Make a monster 

Make your own rocketman experiment 

Toddler time - Liner shakers

Brighten things up with The Point...

Lockdown Flower

The Point in Eastleigh have been brightening things up by creating lockdown flowers. Their gap year assistant, Caitlin, is creating these for a short film. Why not have a go and upload yours to feature in her short puppetry film? Watch the link and then send on to The Point here

You can also get creative with the Arts Award Discover virtual programme aimed at people aged 5 - 25 encouraging you to explore the wonderful world of art. Take part in activities, learn about other artists and share your creations with each other whilst at home. Find out more here. 

Beat the boredom with Mayflower Theatre...

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