If there’s a certain youthful diffidence surrounding the remarkable Tom Odell it’s tempered with a sense of self-awareness which belies his mere 21 years on this planet. A beguiling mixture of idealism (he wants the music to do the talking, preferably releasing one album a year) and self confidence (he seems to exist happily in his own musical world) becomes somewhat incendiary when coupled with music as magnificently formed as that on his forthcoming debut album.

For this young Chichester-born maverick, the song is everything. Having written his own material since the age of 13, it was an eventual move to Brighton which precipitated his immersion in a scene which saw him quite simply have the confidence to walk into pubs and clubs and ask to perform on the spot.

Signed to Lily Allen Cooper’s label, his new EP Songs From Another Love showcases his gentle yet powerful vocals alongside his achingly beautiful lyrics. Having recently performed on Jools Holland, Tom Odell is set to take 2013 by storm.

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18 Feb 2022 - 19:00 Standard - Book Tickets

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