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The Sweetchunks Band & The Captain's Beard

20th September 2019

19:30 - View all performance times

The Art House , 178 Above Bar Street

Information: 023 8023 8582


The Sweetchunks band were formed in 1892 originally as a chorus of ballet dancing penguins and experimented with early forms of funk - the traditional music of the isle of Man (and a form of puff pastry.)

They invented blues music at least 60 years after it's inception, instead calling it Thrash-Skiffle (the traditional music associated with Tiddleywinks).

All members of the Sweetchunks Band can fire three rounds a minute in any weather.


The Captain’s Beard are pirate minstrels from the humble fishing village of Brighton. Playing a mixture of rocked up maritime and Irish folk music from the British Isles and original tunes that combine the raucous folk-rock vibes of the Pogues, Flogging Molly and The Drop Kick Murphy’s with all the outrageous comedy of Flight of the Concords.

This year sees them supporting the likes of Professor Elemental and on the same line up as Richard Thompson. With the release of their debut album “Same Ship Different Day,” they toured the entire south coast of the UK and this year they’re going one further, embarking on a full UK tour taking them from Dover to Penzance and from Cardiff to Inverness. They’re looking forward to making you dance, drink and laugh along with them. YARRR!



Event Dates

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20 Sep 2019 - 19:30 2.75 hours Free Book Tickets

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