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The Four Owls

14th April 2022

19:30 - View all performance times

The 1865 , Brunswick Square

Information: 023 8022 2605

Deep in the High Focus catacombs, Nature’s Greatest Mystery has been gathering in force. For years the underworld has been buzzing to the sound of a new band of lyricists, a feathered troop of strigiformes unlike anything the world has seen before.

This band of owls hover in cypher circles gripping microphones with their iron talons, leaving humans in the wake of their earthly knowledge. Led by the merciless Big Owl (Fliptrix), guided by the teachings of Bird T (Verb T), entertained by the do-or-die spirit of Rusty Take-Off (BVA) & inspired by the inventions of Deformed Wing (Leaf Dog), The Four Owls are here to take over. Backed by High Focus artist Leaf Dog on the production The Four Owls maintain a sound that is true to Hip Hop in its real form.

‘Nature’s Greatest Mystery’ was High Focus Records’ most ambitious release to date, a gamble that worked out very well, as the record essentially became an ambassador for UK Hip Hop the world over with videos such as ‘Life In The Balance’ clocking over 5,000,000 views on Youtube! Their second album ‘Natural Order’ took things to a new dimension after collaborating with world famous producer DJ Premier on their hit single ‘Think Twice’. The album quickly became the top selling UK Hip Hop record in the country and lead the Owls on a string of sold out shows pulverising every P.A. system the world over and back again.

The Four Owls are responsible for modern day classics, encapsulating straight up-and-down head banging rhythms, undiluted lyricism and conceptual brilliance. As a result the group gained a reputation for pushing boundaries in a scene that has grown desperate for a new type of binocular vision. With their third album ready for release, boasting an all star cast of features, the Owls are ready to take flight once again and show why they soar miles above the competition.

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14 Apr 2022 - 19:30 Standard - Min: £22.00 Book Tickets

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