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Sylvie Dare: A World of Fallen Pieces

27th July 2019


Meon House , 189 Portswood Road

Paris 1946 Marjorie boards a plane in Paris bound for Prague with her baby daughter. Gustave is delayed by formalities at the desk. Once he’s finally on board, she relaxes into a daydream and the touching and dramatic story is revealed: how they met, became a family and enjoyed their lives by the Seine.

29th September, 1938 the Munich Agreement is signed casting a shadow over Gustave's Czech nationality. When war is declared their lives are scattered – anti-Nazi Gustave enlists with the French Foreign Legion and is posted to Algeria.

Marjorie’s home is requisitioned when the Germans march in to Paris. She and her boys are placed in several camps before being repatriated to her husband’s Sudeten homeland.

This leads to internment for Gustave and conscription for Graham, their son, who mounts a daring escape from Dresden.

When peace finally comes, the family’s plans for a settled future are derailed when their final tragic venture unfolds.

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