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Spinner Rings and Bangles Workshop

25th September 2021 - 5th November 2021

10:00 - View all performance times

Joanne Tinley Jewellery , Fairways House Mount Pleasant Road

Learn traditional forging techniques to create a beautiful wide bangle, with or without spinners, or a gorgeous spinner ring - it’s your choice!

Two projects will be taught along side each other during this workshop - Beautiful Curving Bangles and Spinner Rings. Both
pieces of jewellery start out using the same techniques, and you will be able to choose which project you would like to make. 8 places are available across the two projects.

This workshop is suitable for beginners to jewellery making as it teaches many of the basic skills needed for more advanced skills, however those with previous experience will also find their skills tested and improved by the end of the session. We will also discuss tools, equipment, materials and health and safety considerations. Materials (sterling silver sheet) are available for purchase on the day. The exact cost of the materials will be determined by the size and therefore weight of the ring or bangle you make and the price of silver on the day.

The material costs for most rings is approximately £9. The material costs for most bangles without extra spinning bangles is approximately £18-£22, whilst bangles with spinners may use £30-£35 of silver depending on the design that you choose.

Event Dates

Dates Performance Duration Tickets Links
25 Sep 2021 - 10:00 6.5 hours Standard - Book Tickets
5 Nov 2021 - 10:00 6.5 hours Standard - Book Tickets

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