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Sound Bath with Sonja Gundry

20th May 2020

18:00 - View all performance times

Careys Manor Hotel , Lyndhurst Road

Information: 01590 624467

Sound has potential to bring about self-process and change in lives. It may relax you, ease pain, release stress and help anxiety and can work with many different illness and life-limiting beliefs for greater sense of self, health and wellbeing.

In a relaxation sound bath all you have to do is lie down or sit make yourself warm and cosy close your eyes and surrender to the beautiful tones of Sonja’s choice of instruments from Himalayan bowls, gongs and crystal bowls and take your own individual journey within the sound. As your brain waves will soften within the sound and as they are changing from alert beta to soft day dreamy alpha and then theta you can reduce cortisol stress hormones and replenish sodium and potassium in the body. There will then be therapeutic percussion instruments to bring you safely back to the space.

Sonja is a qualified Therapeutic Sound Practitioner. Illness and stress entered her life and she developed cancer. Whilst receiving chemotherapy she listened to sounds and music felt more relaxed, open, lighter. Sounds resonated with her and her resistance eased. Sonja’s journey through sound has been a life changing experience. She has flourished and her life has transformed on every level.

Sonja facilitates safe, comfortable spaces for her clients and prepares sound for individuals or groups. Her work takes her to Breast Cancer Haven, Wessex Cancer and she has her own sound practice.

Please bring a mat, pillow and blanket for comfort. You may wish to bring a water bottle.

Event Dates

Dates Performance Duration Tickets Links
20 May 2020 - 18:00 1.5 hours Free Book Tickets
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