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Psychedelics & Mental Health: Future Of Treatment?

1st July 2022

19:00 - View all performance times

The 1865 , Brunswick Square

Information: 023 8022 2605

How do psychedelics produce their effects in the brain? How might people benefit from consuming these remarkable compounds? Will psychedelics ever be prescribed on the NHS for mental health conditions? In this talk and Q&A led by Dr. Jonathan Iliff we journey through the past, present and future use of psychedelic drugs to treat mental illness. He’ll take you by the hand, and show you the history of their experimentation by psychiatrists in over 40,000 patients: from the euphoric elitism of the 1940’s, to the crashing come down of the effective ban on research in the 1970’s. Discover how LSD and magic mushrooms have been mythologized since their modern and ancient conceptions – and how in the age of fake news it’s crucial to dispel these myths and root their great potential for good in solid fact. In the 1960's and 70's, misinformation was used to cut the psychedelic revolution short. What revolution might psychedelics like LSD or psilocybin hold for victims of mental illness a second time around? So are psychedelics the future of mental health? If they are - what will that look like? And if not - then what is? Want answers? Then come on in. Let’s explore some marvellous things. This is an 18+ event.

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1 Jul 2022 - 19:00 2 hours Standard - Min: £12.23 Max: £22.44 Book Tickets

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