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Jazz Double Bill: Svaneborg Kardyb + Rkdia

14th September 2022

20:00 - View all performance times

Turner Sims Concert Hall , Southampton University University Road

A fantastic start to the jazz series this autumn, as we present an exclusive double bill in partnership with JazzDanmark as part of the Sounds of Denmark Festival.

Svaneborg Kardyb
Catchy tunes meet Nordic vibes in a dreamy, groovy universe. Svaneborg Kardyb are a multi-award-winning duo from Aalborg in the north of Denmark. Their music is a joyful melding of beautiful melodies which draws on Danish folk music and Scandinavian jazz influences. Their aim is to create music that is as honest and intimate as possible ‘with melodies and rhythms so strong that we are left as only the messengers’. With delicate minimalism, catchy grooves and electronica vibes, their sound has a captivating charm.

Svaneborg Kardyb delivers beautiful melodies and organic changeovers with an electronic vibe and a subtle coolness. Bravely, they present clear minimalism with an artistic superiority and with a fantastic, elastic, dynamic and organic interplay and groove. Jazzkonkurrencen Jury

One plays keys like a god and the other plays drums like an animal. Morten Schantz and Anton Eger have received world-wide acclaim with artists such as JazzKamikaze, Phronesis and Marius Neset, as well as their own solo projects. With RKDIA they come together in a burst of colour and rhythm. The duo spin up forceful and hypnotic works that inject the free kinetic of jazz into synth-based electronica and cascading power pop. It’s a sound of its own. One minute it goes to the body in pulsating blows like house music, the next, it envelops you in warm-blooded synth-pop pathos.

…possibly the craziest drummer, visually, this side of The Muppets’ ‘Animal’… and while capable of some wild and crazy playing, he’s equally adept at contributing delicate textures, softer timbres and gentler pulses. All About Jazz

Schantz is able to embrace a carefully constructed dramaturgy that often explodes in melodic hooks that are so grand that they would fit a stadium. All About Jazz

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14 Sep 2022 - 20:00 Standard - Min: £12.50 Max: £15.00 Book Tickets
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