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Hatha Yoga: The Basic Practice

27th November 2019 - 18th December 2019

19:15 - View all performance times

St Denys Boat Club , Priory Avenue

- Learn the basics of a life-changing Yoga practice in easy to manage steps.

- Rejuvenate, Revitalise & Reconfigure your body to optimal Health and Wellbeing.

- Simple and accessible breakdown of the first key aspects of yoga.

- A unique and modern approach to the classic postures, movements and breathing techniques.

- The class usually starts in a lying posture with breathing exercises, followed by the movement practice, ending with a lying down relaxation.

- Great for newcomers as it is a gentler pace of practice.

With over 15 years of experience, Richard Parker offers a modern, unique and embodied approach to teaching that remains true to the essence and tradition of Yoga. His style incorporates an exploration of natural body principles, within an invigorating, dynamic and flowing sequence of traditional Hatha Yoga postures. His approach helps us to recognise, release and move beyond the pre-conditioned habits of both our body and mind, by learning to tune into and trust in the body’s natural intelligence, in essence, the ability to move freely and relax deeply; encouraging a sense of spaciousness, fluidity and strength from within. Using a grounded, clear and easy-going approach he brings a simple understanding of the fundamental wisdoms that are taught within yoga into our practice.

Event Dates

Dates Performance Duration Tickets Links
27 Nov 2019 - 19:15 1.25 hours Standard - Min: £8.00 Book Tickets
4 Dec 2019 - 19:15 1.25 hours Standard - Min: £8.00 Book Tickets
11 Dec 2019 - 19:15 1.25 hours Standard - Min: £8.00 Book Tickets
18 Dec 2019 - 19:15 1.25 hours Standard - Min: £8.00 Book Tickets

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