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Drug Church & Angel Du$t

2nd July 2022

19:30 - View all performance times

The Joiners , 141 St Mary Street

Information: 023 8178 2021

A Baltimore-based punk supergroup, Angel Du$t's old-school, hook-driven melodic hardcore invokes names like Gorilla Biscuits, All, and Bad Brains. Featuring members of Trapped Under Ice and Turnstile, they debuted with A.D. in 2014. Founded in 2013 by Trapped Under Ice singer Justice Tripp and Turnstile drummer Daniel Fang, the band also includes bassist Nick Heitman and guitarist Pat McCrory. The quartet's debut long-player, the aptly named A.D., dropped in 2014 on REACT! and Reaper Records. In 2016, Tripp, and Fang, along with Trapped Under Ice and Diamond Youth-drummer Brendan Yates, formed their own Pop Wig Records label. The band's sophomore full-length outing, Rock the F*ck on Forever, appeared that same year on Pop Wig/Run for Cover. The Will Yip-produced Pretty Buff followed in 2019 on Roadrunner Records, and included the tracks "Bang My Drum," "On My Way," and "Take Away the Pain."

Drug Church from Albany, New York, are an aggressive but literate hardcore punk band led by vocalist Patrick Kindlon, who also sings with the group Self Defense Family. While SDF allows Kindlon to explore the more experimental side of his musical ideas, Drug Church falls much closer to the traditional template of punk in their beefy, tightly focused, guitar-fueled assault, matched to the lean intelligence of the lyrics and seasoned with an undercurrent of cynical wit. The straightforward attack of their debut EP gave way to a more metal-tinged sound on 2015's Hit Your Head, and 2022's Hygiene added more complex layers of guitar sounds without buffering the physicality of their performances.

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2 Jul 2022 - 19:30 Standard - Min: £14.30 Book Tickets

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