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Becky Band and Ivo Vassilev: Personal Communities and Collective Efficacy

20th May 2020

15:30 - View all performance times

University Of Southampton Highfield Campus , University Road

Information: 023 8059 5000

**What is the collective efficacy of personal communities? Developing and validating a measure to complement self-efficacy in self-management support**

Social networks have been found to have a valuable role in supporting the management of long-term conditions. However, the focus on the quality and how well self-management interventions work focus on individualised behavioural outcomes such as self-efficacy and there is a need for understanding that focuses on the role of wider collective processes in self-management support. Collective efficacy presents a potentially useful candidate concept in the development and understanding of self-management support interventions. To date it has mainly been utilised in the context of organisations and neighbourhoods related to social phenomena such as community cohesion.

In this presentation we report on the findings from a metasynthesis and the development and evaluation of measure on the role of collective efficacy in the management of long-term conditions. Drawing on Banduras original theorisation we explored how studies of collective efficacy might illuminate collective elements operating within the personal communities of people with long-term conditions. We found that collective efficacy can develop and be sustained over time in a range of situations where individuals may not have intense relationships with one another and have limited commitment and contact with one another.

These findings have been reflected in the development of the Collective Efficacy of Networks (CENS) questionnaire. The evaluation of the CENS measures demonstrated that it was associated with self-efficacy (r = 342, p = . 

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20 May 2020 - 15:30 1.5 hours Free Book Tickets

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