Five Must-Try Vegan Eats in Southampton

Five Must-Try Vegan Eats in Southampton


Born in 2016, Piecaramba are visibly passionate about all things pop-culture, especially comics, which create a solid theme around the dining experience with lots to look at and games to enjoy but the number one focus will always be their unforgettable pies. They are always creating amazing new specials so this most certainly isn't the kind of place you visit once, though it does get difficult to try everything as I am always so torn between an exciting special and my old faithful favourite the Notdog pie! Filled with vegan sausage chunks and served with mash, mushy peas and a topping of cheese and crispy onions it will keep you full for the rest of the day!

Cafe Thrive

food at Cafe Thrive

Cafe Thrive is an affordable cafe for nutritious & delicious food, good coffee and a relaxed atmosphere, they are an Independent business who believe that good food shouldn't cost the earth and, you wouldn't believe it on viewing the menu and cake display, but it's all vegan! There are plenty of gluten and soya free options, too, so they've really been proactive in producing a menu that caters for all dietary requirements. It can get quite busy at lunch time but they've now opened up bookings for dinner so you can definitely nab yourself a table. As Southampton centres only all-vegan eatery, they are really smashing it! My favourite is the TLT sandwich but the burgers are great, too - and always make sure you check out the specials board!

The Art House

Roast dinner at The Art House

The Art House cafe is a local, non-profit grassroots arts centre that also just happens to serve up the best roast dinner I've ever had from someone that isn't my mum. They've been running for over ten years now with performances, workshops and more alongside the food they serve - it's quite a small menu but I'd really recommend getting down there on a Sunday between 12:30pm - 3pm when they're cooking up a roast, it's absolutely delicious and packed full with loads of different veggies, all incredibly tasty. Make sure you save space for cake afterwards, too! It can get very busy so if you want to ensure you'll have a table then you can book via the website.

Halladays Tearooms

Whenever I'm out for breakfast or brunch, Halladays is always the number one option so I'll eat there whenever they can fit us in but, be warned, it can get really busy! However, if you do have to wait I promise it's worth it, with huge portions affordably priced and super friendly service. It's a small, unassuming tea room but the fry ups that come out of this kitchen are the biggest I've ever seen. However, they've recently launched their vegan afternoon tea so if you fancy treating yourself to something indulgent then this is a must visit.

7Bone Burger

Burger at 7Bone Burger

Perhaps the most surprising place to choose for a vegan meal, 7Bone Burger has been serving up meat-heavy American style comfort food for around five years and whilst they've always provided vegetarian options, this year they launched their first vegan burger: Daisy's Revenge. Built using a Moving Mountains vegan patty inside a pretzel bun with minced white onions, pickles, vegan cheese, American mustard and ketchup. The patty itself is entirely plant-based and packed full of goodness but served in that naughty way you want from a good burger - you definitely wouldn't know it was vegan! Absolute must try and is the most 'meat-like' vegan burger I've ever had. They also have a few vegan sides including fried pickles and smoked cauli-wings!

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